IMG 1495 - yes to the dress

yes to the dress

IMG 1495 682x1024 - yes to the dress

IMG 1501 682x1024 - yes to the dress

IMG 1505 682x1024 - yes to the dress

IMG 1507 682x1024 - yes to the dress

IMG 1513 682x1024 - yes to the dress

IMG 1514 682x1024 - yes to the dress
 hat // Forever 21
denim vest // Ross
maxi dress // Target
sandals // Target
When I found this dress at Target, I knew that it was the one. Maybe I’m being a bit overdramatic (or I’ve just watched too many wedding chick flicks), buuuttttt I’ve got to admit, this maxi could be nominated for the “perfect summer dress” award. Not convinced? Here are some reasons I came up with:
  1. It’s a maxi dress- you cannot go wrong with maxis. They’re very versatile and easy to wear.
  2. It has a unique and subtle bohemian pattern and vibe.
  3. The color of the dress is cool to the eye and very chic. It pairs nicely with other colors, too.
  4. The material is perfect for spring and summer. Especially here in Mexico, the material feels great in the humidity.
  5. Last but not least, it’s modest!
If you’re still reading, I thank you for listening to my rant! Do you have that one dress or clothing that is absolutely perfect? I’d love to hear about it! 
❤ Blaze Ann

  • And yay for sappy chick flicks! 😉

  • Yay! Say yes to the dress 🙂
    I love this look, especially with the vest

    • Thanks for stopping by Grace! 🙂

  • That's a beautiful dress!

  • Maxi dresses are so fantastic. I love the denim vest as well…one of my favorite thing about maxis, they are some of the most versatile dresses.

    A always, you are gorgeous!

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

    • Maxis are the best, haha! Thanks Dani 🙂

  • It /is/ a pretty dress and looks great with jean material! 😀 You look just right for Mexico.
    My teal eShakti dress is that one thing that is my feel-good item. 🙂

    • Thank you Paige! I remember your teal eShakti dress! It's definitely a timeless piece 🙂

  • Ughh I LOVE Peter Pan collars, too! Peter Pan collar + dress = an amazing combo! You have to do an outfit post! Thanks for stopping by Kianna 😀

  • What a cute dress! I always love maxis. I feel so fancy and put together when I wear them, yet it takes minimal thought to put an outfit like that together.