Walking in a Winter Wonderland

necklace | Nordstrom Rack
tulle skirt | Marshall’s
black cat flats | Shein
Hello! Over my one month hiatus from blogging, the season has changed, the school semester has finally ended, and my hairstyle has changed as well! They’re supposed to be full front bangs, but the wind was pushing it away while we were taking pictures. Remember the last time I got a haircut back in August, I posted about it wearing a tulle skirt. I felt that it would be funny to keep the tradition alive, haha. So, the next time you see me wearing this tulle skirt, you’ll know what’s up. 
Before finals even began, I made list of things that I wanted to accomplish during winter break. Some of them include: posting on the blog more often, diy-ing room decor, watching my favorite movies, and catching up with the latest season of Once Upon a Time. What’s your ideal way of spending Christmas break?
Blaze Ann
PS: I am absolutely in love with these flats. If you plan on buying it, I suggest that you order one size up. I am regularly a size 8 (EUR38), but I ordered these flats in a size 9 (EUR40). They fit perfectly!