IMG 1929 - The Princess Skirt

The Princess Skirt

IMG 1929 682x1024 - The Princess Skirt
IMG 1896 695x1024 - The Princess SkirtIMG 1895 703x1024 - The Princess Skirt
IMG 1909 1024x692 - The Princess Skirt
IMG 1923 757x1024 - The Princess Skirt
IMG 1934 947x1024 - The Princess Skirt
tee shirt // Target (only $6!)
tulle skirt // Marshalls
sandals // Target
I’m not going to lie. Wearing this tulle skirt yesterday made me feel like a Disney princess! It also helped me forget about the fact that this is the last weekend before school starts. (Cue the violins!) My school starts this Thursday, which is kind of weird. I guess it’s a good thing because it’s closer to the weekend than if school starts on Monday. If you’re going back to school as well, when does it start for you? Have a blessed and fantastic Sunday 🙂
❤ Blaze Ann
PS: Every girl needs to have a tulle skirt in their closet. It should be a law or something, haha!
PPS: I chopped my hair (again!).

  • Very cute outfit /and/ new haircut! Your skirt is quite pretty. I'm waiting to find the right pink skirt! 😀 Someday my skirt will come….? Haha.
    Oh my! Enjoy your last few days of summer vacation.

  • First, I love your new hair cut!
    Second, That skirt is lovely and great deal on the tee.
    Have fun on your last days of summer 🙂


  • You really are a princess in your new hair cut and skirt (which are both extremely pretty, by the way) but aren't we all princesses in God's eyes? Good luck on your first day back? School starts for me the Wedsnday after this week. 🙂

    xoxo Morning

    • Thanks Morning! And you are absolutely correct! We are so blessed to be a child of the King!

  • Adorable! Love the sandals!

  • Love the skirt! Tulle skirts are so fun:0)

  • Your skirt is adorable! I always wear my tulle in the winter, but you've made this the perfect summer outfit with the stripes!


  • You look so beautiful! I've always admired tulle skirts but I haven't been able to wear one… I'm not sure they're really 'me'. 🙂 Maybe someday. You sure can pull it off though! I can't believe you got that tshirt for $6! What a steal! 🙂

  • You look really cute in your outfit! Tulle skirts do give you that princess feel!

  • Blaze,

    That is such a beautiful skirt! There are some dresses and skirts that you can put on and automatically feel like a princess and aren't those the best? Though I would humbly submit that you always succeed in looking like a princess. 🙂

    I hope you have a good first week of school!

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

  • You truly do look like a princess!! And I love your hair! I'm can't decide if I want to chop mine off, and your sweet new look is tempting me to just go for it.

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  • I love it! Thanks for linking up. I'm featuring this in todays link party.