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3 Shein Dresses Under $25

If you’re a student who loves to shop, we both know how hard it is to find cute, good quality, and AFFORDABLE clothes. I can’t be the only one who enters a store, goes straight to the sales rack, and sometimes leaves empty handed! These are some of the reasons…

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Thoughts on My First Week of College

Since September 23rd, I have woken up on a top bunk to the beautiful view of the ocean and the peaceful quiet of the morning. Waking up on my own without an alarm clock is one of the best feelings ever. As you know, I recently moved into college, and in…

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6 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

I can speak for most bloggers by saying that blogging is no easy feat. What not many people know is that the title “blogger” is actually describes a collection of additional roles that a blogger uptakes. This includes being a photographer, editor, writer, marketing director, stylist, graphic designer, and most…

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Getting Over an Embarrassing Moment

Everybody has that one embarrassing story that’s initially too humiliating to share but then ends up becoming hilarious with time. I’ve had my share of embarrassing moments this summer. I guess when you’re not studying, you’re more likely to humiliate yourself haha! You’re probably wondering, “Blaze Ann! This is so random. Why…

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