striped dress // three ways

Hey guys!! Sorry I haven’t posted in sooo long! Last week was supposed to be my spring break, but it was actually more like a sick break. On Monday of last week, I started feeling nauseous with a huge headache. Towards the middle of the week, I developed an on and off fever and a cough which just kept getting worse. I had to miss my first day back of school, which was this Monday, because I still had a fever and a bad cough. My mom took me to the doctor, and she told us that I had pneumonia!! Ever since I’ve taken the antibiotics prescribed to me, I’ve been feeling much better. As crazy as it sounds, it felt good to return to school on Wednesday! I hope you had a blessed Easter and have an amazing rest of the week 🙂
Do you like any of the outfits? If so, which one would you wear? I can’t wait to hear what you think!
❤ Blaze Ann