Easy Ways to Stay Productive this Summer


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IMG_4696denim jacket | H&M
dress | Old Navy
glasses | (c/o) Shein
sandals | Payless
purse | Forever 21

One of the goals that I set for myself this summer was to be more productive because everyone knows that in the summer, you tend to be lazier. So far, I think that I’ve been using my time efficiently and getting things done. I thought that I’d tell you guys what I’ve been doing!

  1. Sleep early to wake up early | I know it’s tempting, but resist the urge to watch a movie or click on the next episode late at night! I’ve done it so many times and ended up sleeping in and being lazy the whole day. This tip is especially effective when you plan on exercising in the morning. Being well rested will allow you to wake up early easily, which gives you a chance to do more things in the morning.
  2. Plan your day or week ahead of time | Something that I like to do to stay on track is to take my planner on the weekend and list out my objectives under each day. Next to the objective, I add a circle so that when I am done with that certain goal, I can fill it in.
  3. Don’t overload yourself with things to do in one day | I’ve found that if you set so many objectives for yourself to do, you tend to get overwhelmed and lose focus and motivation. You end up not being productive. To prevent this from happening, plan a doable amount of goals that also gives you time to take breaks to watch your favorite tv show, etc. If you don’t finish all of your goals for the day or week, remember that it’s okay. Don’t stress too much about it. Try to adapt your goals to the summer. Summer should be fun after all!

I hope that this helped you! I’ve been using this method, and it’s helped me to stay on track with running in the morning, studying for the SAT, and blogging. Do you have any other tips that should be up here?  Please let us know!

Also, I’m really loving these sandals that I got for $20 at Payless. I never wear heels, but since these sandals had a small heel, I thought that I’d give it a try. They are surprisingly comfortable! I also adore its straps. Did you recognize the dress? I shared it on my summer fashion haul video. Check out the video here!

love, Blaze Ann