IMG 2318 - Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

IMG 2318 682x1024 - Pretty in Pink
IMG 2306 1024x682 - Pretty in Pink
IMG 2314 624x1024 - Pretty in Pink
IMG 2324 682x1024 - Pretty in Pink
IMG 2325 682x1024 - Pretty in Pink

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Kohl’s Blazer
Forever 21 Necklace
Happy Sunday! This outfit post is a little fancy, just like last week’s. When Shein offered to sponsor a post, I couldn’t resist choosing this dress! I don’t own many fancy or pink dresses. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll notice that I like to stick to shades of blue (which I’m trying to break!). It was nice to get out of my comfort zone. 
Thank you Shein for sponsoring this post! Shein offers a variety of high quality dresses and midi skirts for really affordable prices. If you are interested in buying this dress, I just wanted to note that it is a bit long, so I had to have it trimmed.
Thanks for dropping by! Your support means so much! Have a wonderful day!
❤ Blaze Ann
  • omg, you look so lovely my dear! fantastic dress <3

  • Awesome dress. You look really good!


  • Pretty and elegant as always! I do like that pink and it looks good with the white blazer!

  • Oh, so elegant as always! Sometimes it's hard to break out of our fashion niches, but it's great for a little change every once in awhile!

    xoxo Morning

    • I totally agree Morning! Thank you 😀

  • Ugh girl your style is on POINT! I'm having a Blogger Choice Awards and would LOVE for you to enroll!

    Rukiya XX

  • It's always good to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while. I am loving this shape on you. So elegant and classy.

  • You look beautiful! Love the dress and blazer combo!

  • Yes! That blazer and dress combination is so perfect!

    Yay for getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new + for rocking your new cut!

  • Gorgeous dress, the colour really suits you 🙂 #allaboutyou

  • Lovely dress, it would have been great to see the sleeve line too #AllAboutMe

  • I have this dress in mint. It;s amazing how great this dress is for its price 🙂

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  • I love the dress-blazer combo! It's currently too hot to wear that combo where I live, but I cannot wait till it cools down enough for me to though! Adorable colors!
    Abi Ant