Prep in my Step | npn #3

top | Forever 21
skirt | Romwe c/o
oxfords & necklace | Nordstrom Rack

Hi friends! I’d like to apologize for not sticking to the routine that I had said earlier this month. The whole last week, I caught a bad cold, but it’s slowly getting better!

One of the things that I love and hate about November is that it goes by very quickly. I love it because November consists of a lot of days off. However those days off speeds up the whole month, and all of a sudden the bright orange scenes of autumn are wiped away. Right after Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas mode! Don’t get me wrong though, I looooovveee Christmas and the holiday spirit, but fall is a wonderful season to be in, too.

❤ Blaze Ann
PS: check out this beautiful skirt. It’s perfect for fall, and it’s only $14! I’m in love with it’s wool texture, and it matches nicely with tights, too!