6 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

6 Reasons Why I Love Blogging | Cute fall outfit - brown striped wrap skirt and black choker top

I can speak for most bloggers by saying that blogging is no easy feat. What not many people know is that the title “blogger” is actually describes a collection of additional roles that a blogger uptakes. This includes being a photographer, editor, writer, marketing director, stylist, graphic designer, and most importantly, friend. If taken seriously, blogging can be like a second job where instead of a cubicle, the world is our office space.

I’ll be honest with you. Quitting blogging is something that has crossed my mind. Though I’ve never seriously considered it, I have thought about it in the form of a what if question. What if I just quit blogging?  This question has come up when I would compare myself to other bloggers and their numbers (which is very unhealthy- don’t do that haha!). It’s also come up recently when I was considering how fashion blogging may not be possible in college due to studying or a lack of a photographer.  I’ve tried picturing what my life would be like if I hadn’t created P31beauty. Although not having a blog would be one less thing to worry about, I feel like part of me would just be empty. It’s difficult to explain the emptiness that I would feel. Maybe if I explained why I haven’t quit blogging and why I don’t plan on giving up on it anytime soon, you’ll understand why I love blogging.

6 Reasons Why I Love Blogging | Cute fall outfit - brown striped wrap skirt and black choker top

1. You’re constantly learning

Another role a blogger inevitably becomes is student. Blogging will help sharpen skills that you already had or maybe didn’t have at all. I learned basic graphic design and coding in middle school, and I’ve had to use these skills to create images in posts, design my logo, and customize my blog appearance.

Something completely new that I learned through creating a blog was photography. Photography is a world of its own, and it takes a bit of knowledge to produce the images that you see on Pinterest or Instagram. Not only will you learn different skills, but you’ll also learn life lessons and discover more about yourself through blogging. For example, blogging has taught me how to be confident in my beliefs and in who I am. Putting yourself out there in the public takes a lot of courage, especially if with the pressure of society to conform towards an idea or image. I really owe a lot of the confidence that I’ve gained during high school to this blog.

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2. It’ll Keep you grounded

For some people, being on social media has the potential to turn them into someone that they truly aren’t in real life. For me, P31beauty has kept me grounded in my faith and values. The best way to describe this is that it keeps me in check. I owe it to my readers and blogger friends to be genuine online, and I really strive to be the same person that I am online as I am in person. If I feel like my relationship with God isn’t as strong in the moment, I won’t publish faith based posts because I’ll feel guilty and hypocritical. One of my goals for P31beauty is for it to be an outreach to the public about Christ, and the only way that I can fulfill this goal is if I continue to grow in the Lord.

6 Reasons Why I Love Blogging | Cute fall outfit - brown striped wrap skirt and black choker top

3. You get to meet people around the world

Meeting new people and initiating conversation is something that I need improvement on, and blogging is currently helping me do that. As a blogger, you have to pitch yourself to companies and other bloggers if you want to get sponsorships, do collaborations, etc. Blogging definitely requires a lot of self initiation. You can’t just wait for something to happen to you. Over the years, I have met so many amazing women, both readers and bloggers alike, from all over the world. I think that it is so amazing how the vast internet can connect both like minded and diverse people together.

4. You’re Able to Help Others

The best feeling in the world is when you get an email or message at the most unexpected time telling you how much of a help your blog is. It makes you feel so happy to know that your hard work has helped or even inspired someone. I believe that part of the reason why we go through certain trials or experiences in life is so that we can be a help to others facing the same thing. Being open about what you’ve gone through can sound like a bad idea, especially on the internet where anyone can read about it. However, if sharing your experience will make a difference in at least one person’s life, then it is worth it. Helping others is so important to me, and I can’t imagine quitting my blog and not being able to do that.

6 Reasons Why I Love Blogging | Cute fall outfit - brown striped wrap skirt and black choker top

5. Blogging is a creative outlet

We’ve all been stressed out from work or school. One way that I blew off steam during high school was through blogging. Editing pictures and writing blog posts can be refreshing because you get to sit down with some music on, reflect on life, and write.  In addition, blogging is my way of expressing my creative side. I am in no shape or form an artist- the only things that I can draw are stick figures and the sun haha. However, there’s some sense of art in designing images and web pages, taking and editing pictures, putting outfits together, and writing. I love that I have this creative outlet to fall back to whenever I’m stressed out.

6. You can make some money doing what you love

I didn’t know this when I started blogging, but there are ways to get money through blogging. A few of the ways that you can earn money is through writing sponsored posts, adding affiliated links to your content, and running advertisements on your site. Of course, I would continue to blog if there wasn’t any money involved, but I think that it’s pretty cool that you can earn extra money by just doing what you love.

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6 Reasons Why I Love Blogging | Cute fall outfit - brown striped wrap skirt and black choker top 6 Reasons Why I Love Blogging | Cute fall outfit - brown striped wrap skirt and black choker top 6 Reasons Why I Love Blogging | Cute fall outfit - brown striped wrap skirt and black choker top

I absolutely love blogging and will try my best to continue updating my blog regularly in college. Thank you so much for reading this! Have a great week, and be true to yourself!

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