Zara Lace Up Flats


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I have a slight obsession with shoes. You know the quote “Life’s short. Buy the shoes”? Yeah… I’ve probably pinned that quote a thousand times. 😉  If you’ve seen my Summer Fashion Haul video, you may have recognized these Zara lace up flats. I bought them a while back and haven’t worn them much. I think that I’m too scared that I’ll ruin them, haha! For this outfit, I paired the lace up flats with a pink/cream dress that I got from H&M. The dress’s color, which stands out in the sea of blue in my closet, and it’s cutout were too lovely to pass.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m truly appreciative for my readers and blogger friends. I hope you have a fun and safe weekend! It’s supposed to rain this weekend where I live, which is crazy because it has been sunny for the past few days. Oh well, I’m ready for fall!

blaze ann

dress | H&M
lace up flats | Zara
purse & sunglasses | Kate Spade