IMG 1969 - First Day of Junior Year

First Day of Junior Year

IMG 1969 682x1024 - First Day of Junior Year
IMG 1979 682x1024 - First Day of Junior Year
IMG 1982 682x1024 - First Day of Junior Year
IMG 1984 682x1024 - First Day of Junior Year
IMG 1997 1024x682 - First Day of Junior Year
IMG 2001 1024x682 - First Day of Junior Year
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IMG 2022 1024x682 - First Day of Junior Year
dress // Old Navy
cardigan // Old Navy
sandals // Salt Water Sandals
backpack // Classy Leather Backpack
How is it going, dear friend? You are currently looking at a new junior in high school! This year my schedule is booked! I’m taking Computer Applications II, Honors Precalculus, Honors English III, AP US History, French III, and AP Chemistry. Yikes! This year is going to be a tough one, and I’m worried that I won’t be able balance my time or blog as much as I’d like to. However, I refuse to have a negative attitude about it because:
1. “The struggle is real…but so is God”
2. I have family and friends supporting me
3. Life is not about getting good grades. If I fail one test, it is not the end of the world.
4. This year, I’ve been blessed with amazing and helpful teachers.
5. I know who holds tomorrow. It overwhelms me to think that God is there for me and loves me every second of my life. In Joshua 1:9 (my life verse), God tells Joshua, 
“Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”

Have an amazing weekend 🙂
❤ Blaze Ann
  • You look lovely as always! I love everything about this outfit. Your dress is so cute and summery and your backpack is perfection!

  • Aww, I adore your backpack! I have similar classes to you, like English III, Precalculus, and Chemistry (but just regular) and I'm a year younger than you. Well, best of luck this school year!

    xoxo Morning

  • Lovely outfit, and I especially love the skirt!
    Cute backpack! Mine has leather accents on light blue and white polkadots.
    I try not to focus on grades at my school too much, but I got to an academy and the teachers are crazy about grades, because if you don't get an A it's the end of the world *sarcasm*


  • Wow, you have quite the classes! I hope you enjoy your junior year. You look cute! 😀 What a summery dress. Also, my toenails are the same color right now…haha!

  • This outfit is wonderful! Such a cute dress 🙂 you look lovely- love the haircut!!
    I just started my freshman year. It's a bit overwhelming but exciting nonetheless.
    Best wishes this year <3

  • I'm a Junior this year as well! Good luck, pretty girl!