dripping sunshine // Retro Summer Blog Party Outfit

polka dot top // Papaya
black espadrilles // Nordstrom Rack
Bonjour mes amies! Today’s outfit is dedicated towards a retro summer blog party that my friend Paige is hosting on her blog, Sunday Best and All the Rest. Retro fashion has always seemed fun, quirky, and feminine to me, so I decided to pair a polka dot button up with my red midi skirt. The sunflowers in our backyard had just bloomed a couple days ago. Aren’t they just beautiful? And they serve as the perfect background for the summer retro theme as well. Thank you for hosting this party, Paige! If you haven’t already, check out the Retro Summer Blog Party and join! You’ll have tons of fun dressing up- I promise 🙂
❤ Blaze Ann