diy: cleaning shoes with toothpaste

I can’t believe that I only have 9 more days of summer vacation! Since school is starting, I decided to clean some of my dirty or scuffed shoes. Here’s how I did it with only Colgate toothpaste, water, and a rag. Read more to see the results of my other shoes.

Step One: Rinse the shoes with water
Step Two: Squeeze some non-gel, whitening toothpaste onto a rag; You can also squeeze the toothpaste directly onto the shoes
Step Three: Scrub the shoes with the rag 
Step Four: Also scrub the inside of the shoes
Step Five: Rinse the toothpaste off of the shoes
Step Six: Let the shoes air dry
For my Toms, I gently scrubbed the front and back of it. Also, I only scrubbed the rubber part of my sneakers because the cloth was still white.
Thanks for reading!
♡Blaze Ann