city sidewalks, busy sidewalk // san francisco

chambray shirt // Target
burgundy skirt // Target
flats // Nordstrom Rack
sunglasses // Nordstrom Rack
Happy New Year everybody!! School starts in two days unfortunately… What better way to enjoy the last few days of winter break with a trip into the city! San Francisco truly is beautiful. Every street you turn, there’s a new section to explore. Here’s the link to my last trip to San Francisco. This time, I explored more of the city and the scenic part of SFO. To start off, we went to Union Square. In Macy’s, which is like seven stories high, there’s a Starbuck’s on the fourth floor. You have a wonderful view of the plaza and ginormous Christmas tree. Afterwards, we went to Clarion Alley, a long alley decorated with vibrant murals. There are countless murals that you can see as you drive around San Francisco, not just in this one alley! For lunch we ate at this delicious taqueria- El Farolito. My dad had been wanting to go for quite a while. The wait was definitely worth it! To finish off our day, we journeyed to Baker’s Beach. However we missed the path going down to the beach! We ended up traveling up on this cliff in which you have a gorgeous view of the ocean. If you keep taking the road up, it takes you to this hidden spot in Lincoln Street… I believe that it used to be a fort. Anyways, from there, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a good thing that we arrived as the sun was setting. I wish you all a wonderful new year!!
Blaze Ann