Vacation to Cancún

Hi blog friends! It’s been a while! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I have spent the past few days in Cancún, Mexico. Compared to my last trip to Europe, this trip was very relaxing. I got to soak in the sun, swim, and eat amazing food. I hope that you enjoy the pictures!

IMG_4800IMG_4808IMG_5070Cancún is a flat area with no mountains, lots of tropical trees, and the ocean in the coast. On one side of the hotel room, you can see the ocean and on the other side is this magnificent view of the trees.

IMG_5069Since it is so humid in Mexico, my camera lens would often fog when going outside of our room. In the photo above, you can see the little smudge in the middle!

IMG_5018 IMG_5062 IMG_5060 IMG_5059IMG_5024

We ate A LOT of seafood, and no words can describe how amazing it tasted. I think that if I wasn’t a fashion blogger, I would definitely be a food blogger. FOOD IS LIFE; am I right? Hahaha!!!

We often went to restaurants where the locals ate. The dish above (my favorite) is called octopus and shrimp ceviche.

IMG_4949 IMG_5016 IMG_5006 IMG_4997On one of the days, we went to an aquarium located in the Hotel Zone of Cancún. We had no idea that they were having a dolphin show later in the evening. Dolphins are my favorite animals, so you know that I took a lot of videos of these intelligent creatures! Look at how cute they are! Watching them made my heart melt!

IMG_4966IMG_4973 IMG_4972 IMG_4971 IMG_4970While we were waiting for the dolphin show to start, my family ate in a restaurant nearby. I ordered shrimp tacos, cactus salad, rice, and mango juice. The shrimp tacos were the best tacos I have ever eaten. My mouth is watering just looking at the picture!

IMG_4895 IMG_4894 IMG_4885 IMG_4884IMG_5048The reason why Cancún is a popular vacation spot is because of the blue, calm water and white sand. There waves were not strong at all! Waking up to this beautiful view is what I miss most.

Thanks for reading! I will be posting what I wore in Cancún soon, so look out for that!
Have you gone to Cancún? Are you going anywhere soon? Let us know below!

love, Blaze Ann