back to school part one: what’s in my backpack

I finally received my new backpack that I ordered on Ebay! I’ve been eyeing it on Pinterest for quite a while. What I love most about it is that there are so many pockets, including one for a laptop, and it’s waterproof! My other backpack was canvas, so whenever it rained, it would always get soaking wet. Without further ado, here’s what’s inside my backpack.

Going down each row:
1. Classy Leather Backpack
2. A-Z portfolio
3. College ruled filler paper
4. Notebooks
5. 2014-2015 planner
6. Tissues, Blistex, Neutrogena Towelettes, Hand sanitizer, Mirror
7. Ipod, Phone, 
8. Protractor, Ruler, Scissors, Stapler, Pencil sharpener
9. Pencil bag, Pens, Pencils, Lock, Eraser, Sticky notes  

Stay tuned for part two of my back to school miniseries! Part two will cover some tips on how I survived my freshman year of highschool.
♡Blaze Ann