Attending My First Wedding Ever

So far, 2016 has been amazing! This year was the first time that I actually got to hold a newborn (my baby cousin girl) in my arms. Yesterday, I got to attend my aunt’s wedding. It was the first wedding that I’ve been to, and it was so beautiful! The reception was held at a vineyard in a country, but elegant setting. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to capture good quality pictures of the wedding/reception. I thought that using my DSLR would be kind of disrespectful as they had hired real photographers for the job. Nonetheless, the food was so delicious, and there was a photo booth and even a candy bar. Weddings are so fun! I can’t wait to go to my next one!
blaze ann
PS: The skirt I’m wearing was only $10!!!!! I found it on the sale rack at H&M and grabbed one right away. What a steal!PPS: I was featured on this incredible blog- Fashion Meets God! Jireh is one of the sweetest bloggers I’ve met. Please check out her blog!

blazer | Nordstrom Rack (my mom’s)
blouse | Shein (c/o)
skirt | H&M
flats | H&M
purse | Forever 21