btsacc - Affordable Back to School Must Haves

Affordable Back to School Must Haves

btsacc 301x1024 - Affordable Back to School Must Haves
Going left to right by row
PLANNERS: floral (Etsy: $20) | striped (Day Designer: $19.99) | elephants (Lily Pulitzer: $28)
POUCHES: oh hey (F21: $6.90) | two toned (Target: $8.99) | dots (F21: $7.90) | pink (F21: $4.90)
UTENSILS: highlighters (Target: $1.59) | pencils (Etsy: $12) | erasers (Kate Spade: $14)
herringbone (Blue Sky: $7.99)
NOTEBOOKS: dots (Sugar Paper: $26) | stripes (Target: $0.79) | lime (Blue Sky: $5.99 for 3)
BACKPACKS R1: dots (Target: $29.99) | pink floral (Kohls: $18) | mint (Target: $34.99)
BACKPACKS R2: white (Target: $34.99) | tote (Nordstrom: $48) | dark floral (Target: $29.99)

Hello everyone and welcome to day one of my back to school series! (I feel like a TV announcer, haha!) Anyways, a few days ago, my friend Wafa and I were talking about how the only thing we were looking forward to about going back to school was back to school shopping. Then she said something to this effect: “if we’re going to be working hard all year in school, we minus as well do it in style!”. How funny, but true is that?! For those of you who love a good deal and pretty accessories, I put together a collage of BTS must haves for this upcoming school year. I hope that you find this helpful!

What’s #1 on your BTS must haves list? Mine are hands down planners. I would not be able to survive a year of high school without one! Thanks for reading, and come back tomorrow to see what’s in store for day two of this series. Here’s a hint: it’s concerns the most difficult part, in my opinion, about getting ready in the morning.

  • This is so great! I was going to make a back to school post but yours clearly tops any attempts I could make so I'll just refer people to this! And I totally agree, agendas are a MUST HAVE! Especially when you're juggling 12 classes and 2 sports (note to self: NEVER AGAIN!)

    • Aww thank you Kryn! But you should still do a back to school post! It's nice to see other options too :)! And 12 classes!?! I've never heard of such a thing!

  • A planner is at the top of my list. I haven't been able to decide! So many good options out there.

    The Block is Haute

  • those planners and backpacks are all super cute!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  • YEAS! Planners all the way! I really loved this post Blaze and it' funny, because like Kryn said, I as also putting together a BTS post!