12 Midi Skirts Under $25

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1. Black Frog Print Flare Skirt | comes in red, too!
2. White Flare Skirt
3. Beige Balloon Print Skirt | isn’t this skirt so cute? it comes in blue, too!
4. Blue Vertical Stripe Button Skirt | this is perfect for spring and summer
5. Apricot Rose Pink Pleated Skirt | hands down one of my favorites
6. Gray Pleated Mesh Skirt | comes in black as well
7. White Polka Dot Skirt | comes in black, too!
8. Pink Tie-Waist Skirt
9. Black Striped Skirt | this skirt reminds me of Kate Spade. it’s so classy!
10. Black Floral Skirt
11. Beige Elastic Waist Pleated Skirt
12. Swan Print Skirt

Hi friends! Today, I have compiled twelve incredibly cute midi skirts that are perfect for church, parties, outings, and everyday wear (who says a girl can’t be fancy on a casual day?). All of these skirts are sold at Shein.com for under $25! As a student and blogger, it can be so frustrating to shop for stylish midi skirts at an affordable price in stores. As cheesy as this may sound, Shein has solved this problem for me. It’s become my first destination for inexpensive skirts and tops.

Do you like any of these skirts? If so, which one is/are your favorite(s)? My top three favorites are numbers 3, 5, and 10.
❤ Blaze Ann



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